There’s a new app which helps you find your mates on a night out

WYA's UK launch event will take place at E1 this Thursday

All new nightlife safety app Where You At (WYA) is coming to the UK to allow its users to pinpoint their friends and facilities within venues. The app comes from two young creators after experiencing sexual assault on a night out.

The concept is said to be the first of its kind, using Bluetooth beacons to locate and message your friends within clubs/venues. The peer-to-peer safety platform can pinpoint exactly where in the venue your mates are through mapping technology of the club. Gone are the days of trying to find signal so you can send a text saying “where you at?” Now, you can see their location down to the exact cubicle, sofa or spot on the dance floor.

WYA Creators Tamzin Lent and Olivia Leigh are boldly taking on the issue of sexual assault head-on. By using Bluetooth, the app will still function when not connected to the internet making it more reliable than other alternatives.

Speaking about WYA, Tamzin Lent says :

“Our app solves this problem using indoor mapping, so you can precisely locate your friends, seeing whether they’re by the bar or on the dancefloor. And the best part? It works without an internet connection or signal, making your nights out safer and more enjoyable.”

Tamzin Lent Co-creator, WYA

The app is coming as a form of prevention in a critical time of nightlife history. Reports of women being sexually assaulted on nights out occur on a daily basis. Venues, brands and security teams should be making attendees’ safety a top priority. Where this is not the case, the app will add an extra layer of security, protection, and confidence for its users when enjoying a night out.

Where You At will host an industry launch event at London venue E1 this Thursday, with more planned at XOYO and Ministry of Sound in the coming months.

WYA has also created a safe space on their website called Where You At Writes, for people to read and talk about this topic, helping to build a community surrounding nightclub safety, women’s rights, and the opportunities for WYA. 

More info on WYA can be found using the link here.

Download the app now using the link here. or using the QR code below.

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