Fatboy Slim is releasing a documentary on the UK’s biggest outdoor party

Revisit the iconic day that saw over 250,000 people party on Brighton beach.

Fatboy Slim, one of the biggest names in dance music, a pioneer in the underground scene, and an all-around music legend is set to release an in-depth documentary on the famous Big Beach Boutique party of 2002. For those who don’t know, the Big Beach party was a pinnacle event for UK raving, highlighting the rawness and freedom of events at that time.

The event was originally organised for around 40,000 people with no price for admission, however, on the day reports of over 250,000 people flooded the beach (twice the population of Brighton at the time); a spectacle that changed the event industry in the UK forever.

Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook, who was hosting and playing the event talks in depth about the good and bad seen on that iconic day. Having grown up in Brighton, where the event was set, Norman revisits his old home to give first-hand accounts of how that day 20 years ago truly played out. Joining him, the film sees interviews with those who were there on the Brighton sands and witnessed it first-hand including Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Vernon Kay and John Simm, all giving accounts of their personal experiences of the era-defining gathering.

Speaking about the documentary, Norman said:

It has been wonderful with the fullness of time and some hindsight, to revisit such a seismic event in both mine and my hometown’s history. Warts and all, the story told in full…Watch, sleep, rave, repeat.

Fatboy Slim: Right Here Right Now can be seen on Sky Documentaries and NOW from February 4 at 10pm

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