AIAIAI launch headphone trade-in, repair, and refurbishment service

Extend the life of AIAIAI products with their all new trade-in system; Remixed.

Danish tech company AIAIAI have just announced their latest initiative; Remixed, a program which creates a circular economy for their TMA-2 headphones. Continuing their company focus on supporting sustainability and reducing e-waste, the new system allows users to trade in used headphones and parts for discounts on new or refurbished products. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world and AIAIAI is part of the movement to change the future of music.

Combating the millions of tons of e-waste generated each year, this new system will allow customers to ensure that old headphones and other music hardware stays away from landfills. With quality being assured by AIAIAI engineers, all products being traded in will undergo a full inspection and refurbishments will be given the same love that built them the first time around.

Here are trade-in value estimates to give you an idea of what your pieces might be worth. Your exact store credit will be determined after AIAIAI receive and inspect each item.

€5: Cables: All. Headbands: H01.

€15: Speaker units: S01, S02, S03, S04. Headbands: H02, H03, H04, H05, H06. Accessories: X01.

€25: Speaker units: S02 MKII, S05 MKII.

€30: Speaker units: S10. Headbands: H10

Remixed is available now to customers in the EU, with plans of expanding to a worldwide market soon. All ‘Remixed’ products will be sent from their HQ in Copenhagen. More information can be found on their website using the link here.

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