Track Talk: Jansons on his collaboration with Skream for “World Is Empty” out on CircoLoco Records

Last month, Jansons and Skream released their long-awaited collaboration “World Is Empty“. Featuring an iconic sample from The Supremes above a driving electro bassline, the track has already become a mainstay in the sets of these two visionary UK Producers and DJs.

The collaboration marks the seventh release from CircoLoco Records, the pioneering partnership between CircoLoco and Rockstar Games dedicated to both brands’ longstanding mission to champion and elevate underground dance music and club culture. 

Asked how he produced the track, Jansons said:

Myself and Skream had some wicked studio sessions making this one. He showed me the original idea which I was immediately digging – the chords and vocals were on-point but I wanted to flip it on it’s head. We were bouncing loads of ideas around the studio and felt this more old school electro vibe just resonated most this us.

Initially this was made for the dance-floor but it wasn’t meant to get a release and was really for us to use in our own sets. The feedback we had of it was so great we felt we had to get it out there. The wider reaction has been amazing! I don’t think there was any one influence for this record. We were inspired by all different genres of electronic music but both agreed that we wanted it to have some kind of feel and raw emotion. 

Any advice to producers and DJs out there?

Work on music as much as you can don’t make music for trends, do it purely for yourself. A key thing for me is make sure have fun, don’t take it too serious and try to push yourself out your comfort zone! You’ll start immediately seeing the results!

From the opening pumping 808 electro beat and bass, you’re instantly hooked. As the arpeggio and instantly recognisable vocal sample from The Supremes, you can’t help yourself but move and sing a long. The edgy, growling bass harks back to the early days of electro and Miami bass.

The breakdown is a truly uplifting moment, with sublime chords that pierce through the mix and open up your heart. As the chorus kicks in, and key changes, you just know that when the full infectious beat comes back it’s going to be a dance floor destroyer. And lo, as the drums and bass kick back into the mix, it’s an instant classic.

To listen and buy “World Is Empty” head here!

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