Limited edition IKEA and Swedish House Mafia collaboration is now available to buy

Theres's 24 pieces in the collection

Earlier this year, IKEA and Swedish House Mafia announced an unlikely collaboration to create OBEGRÄNSAD, a limited collection dedicated to enabling the next generation in music and digital arts to build the perfect home studio while on a budget.

Taking its name from the Swedish word for ‘unlimited’, the OBEGRÄNSAD collection consists of over 20 home furnishing solutions, designed for everyone from DJs, musicians, or producers building their own home studio setup, to vinyl lovers wanting to create a space to hear their records and relax.

Designed to be both affordable and functional, the OBEGRÄNSAD collection celebrates the sleek, black aesthetic and minimalist design that supports the technology used by at-home musicians. The limited edition collection is now available to purchase from IKEA.

Check out some of the OBEGRÄNSAD collection and prices below:

Desk £115

Kallax/Shelving Unit£129

Record player£129

LED Lamp – £70

Smaller shelving unit £70

USB clock£45

Other items in the collection include a record stand (£6), tablet stand (£9), speaker stand (£9) and laptop stand (£10). There’s also a flashing LED wall light (£85) and various bags, rugs, throws, and cushions.

Since we were kids, we have valued the IKEA approach of making things affordable and available for many people. We used to find a creative way to make IKEA furniture to accommodate our teenage lives as creatives, so the collaboration’s purpose was formed around our own personal journey in life.

Swedish House Mafia

To find out more, check out the full list of items on IKEA’s website here!

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