Human Traffic has now been released in 4K

Nice one bruvva!

The cult classic raving film has received the 4K treatment for 2022. Featuring young stars such as Danny Dyer and John Pimm, the film centred around a group of friends out raving on a Friday night in the Welsh city of Cardiff has landed on Apple TV.

Originally released in 1999, the film has electronic music icons littered amongst it’s soundtrack with Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Orbital, Armand Van Helden, Underworld and many others all providing slick production for the party based movie.

In 2016 a sequel set in Cardiff and also between the white Isle of Ibiza was teased. However, we found out last year that albeit the script may be written, unfortunately the funding was not to be found.

Justin Kerrigan in Human Traffic, 1999

Directed and written by Justin Kerrigan, he went on to say in an interview with Mixmag:

The first film wasn’t funded by the British film industry at the time. It was funded by a private investor. Human Traffic wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for independent finance.

Justin Kerrigan

On June 14th the production team provided some further news and insight via Facebook:

We now have letters of commitment from private investors for £250,000 for the production of ‘Human Traffic 2′. (£1M budget) – But we still have a way to go with only 8 months left on the Option Agreement for the Rights.

We are offering 30% returns on all private investments by way of contract. We have an offer of UK/EIRE theatrical distribution, a letter of commitment from Danny Dyer’s agent and an original script written by Justin Kerrigan.

Further to this Kerrigan mentions the passing of time between the potential new film, and the original and how it may play out on screen:

The rave generation are mostly parents now but it’s really about recapturing the spirits of the times which brought [the characters] all together and the second film is really about how they try and come together in a completely new time.

Make sure you tune in to Apple TV to catch the cultural smash that is Human Traffic in glorious 4K!

If you’ve not seen it, make sure you check out the trailer below and then watch it!

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