Bristol’s ‘Idle Hands’ record store launches crowdfunder for new location following their closure announcement

All contributions will go towards opening in a new, more central location

The effects of Covid and Brexit in all industries are still very clear and real, and the music industry has suffered badly over the past few years seeing both large and small business forced to shut their doors. Bristol is a UK hub of underground music and another of the cities musical icons have been forced to shut their doors following a tough couple of years staying afloat during the pandemic.

Idle Hands has been standing since 2011, contributing to the scene and helping culture and creation flow through the streets of Bristol and now they need your help.

The founder of Idle Hands and well known DJ Chris Farrell opened up on social media with a plan to help give the store a new life following a decrease in activity and sales following Covid-19 variants and EU trade issues. Chris states that:

Since Omicron hit just before Christmas the shop has struggled, with less people popping in and Brexit making EU trade pretty much unworkable for a business this small. These are tricky times, but I do believe Idle Hands still has a future.

The campaign has been put in place to crowdfund for a new location for the physical store in a more central location. The labels online store will still be operating and trading and will even be doing a huge sale of items for very low prices throughout August.
You can find their online store here or find them on Discogs.

You can help out too and make a contribution to the Idle Hands crowdfunder here.

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