The Chainsmokers to become the first ever musicians to perform on the edge of space

And we don't mean Ibiza

World renowned DJ and producer duo The Chainsmokers will be making history claiming the title of first musicians to ever perform on the edge of space. The duo have agreed to be sent 20 miles above earth in a pressurised capsule attached to a stratospheric balloon. The idea follows the epic stunt from Luca Parmitano who made history in 2019, by becoming the first person to DJ in space with some help from the European Space Agency.

The pair have been included in this “music meets space” stunt by World View, a stratospheric space flight tourism company who are looking to inspire musicians and fans alike to push the boundaries and do something different. By choosing The Chainsmokers for this task, the collaboration looks to utilise the group’s audience by performing their records in a breathtaking setting. The combination of the duos sounds and art with the views from the edge of the atmosphere will make for one amazing spectacle. The duo will be on on of World Views first flights around 2024 and the performance will be recorded inside the capsule for fans to view across the globe.

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