Cristoph on his new label ‘Consequence Of Society’, keeping busy between touring, and future plans

The progressive titan chats to us ahead of his new label launch

As one of the electronic industry’s nicest guys, Newcastle-native Cristoph (real name Chris Costigan) has been flying the flag for melodic and progressive sounds for years. After his original foray into house and tech with releases on labels like Defected and Ministry of Sound, he immersed himself fully into the world of progressive house, inspired by the likes of seminal artists Sasha and John Digweed.

Since then, he’s risen within the scene as one of the most in-demand DJs, officially joined the Pryda family, and is personally mentored by the iconic Eric Prydz. His masterful attention to detail in his productions are only rivalled by his seamless DJ sets, weaving layers and sounds together into a rich melodic tapestry.

While he’s put out monster records on respected labels like Pryda Presents, Positiva, Anjunadeep, Knee Deep In Sound, he’s become renowned for his Consequence of Society mix series, where you can hear many of his unreleased IDs and favourite records.

Now, the time has come for launching his own label, aptly following the mix series, titled Consequence of Society Recordings. Ahead of his label launch and debut release tomorrow, we sat down with Cristoph to talk all about it!

Hey Cristoph, thanks for chatting to us! First of all, how has your year been so far?

It’s been great. Started off with an amazing tour of North America for about 5/6 weeks and it’s been pretty much non-stop. Had a little down time at home recently so I got to finish off a lot of music I had started writing on the road too. I love being busy so I’m really grateful for everything which is going on.

Any particular highlight or stand out moment from this year?

There have been some incredible gigs to be honest, one stand out one was my all night long in Leeds at Mint Club. The vibe in there was perfect and I’m really enjoying playing these long, extended sets – love how you can completely dictate the night. 

How have you been keeping busy in between touring?

As I say I haven’t had much downtime but when I do it’s finishing up projects more often than not. Other than that I’ve had a big interest in the American sports playoffs (NHL, NBA). With spending such long period of times there I often find myself sitting in sports bars watching the games so I really have caught the bug. Other than that I’ve been hitting the gym trying to shift some of the weight Iv gathered from the previously mentioned sports bars! 

What is it about producing and DJing that you love?

I started off as a DJ then grew in to production from there. To be able to try write and play records to fit into your sets is a huge buzz. To see those ideas then come to fruition and actually work on a dance floor is a feeling I find so hard to describe. I love to write stuff across the board – whether it be tracks I play out or something I want to hand to my close family and friends to listen to when they are chilling or feeling down, it literally doesn’t matter to me. To impact someone’s emotions through music you have written is such an amazing feeling.

What’s the inspiration behind starting the label? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Running my own label has always been a career goal, it just needed to be the right time for me. During lockdown I wrote a lot of music and after speaking with my manager, Mick, and Eric – we thought now would be a good time to set everything up so I wasn’t always putting my music out on Pryda Presents. They both want me to start slowly building a brand, so it’s great to have them on the same page as me as again that’s always been a dream of mine. 

What’s its ethos?

For as long as I can remember I’ve called my mixes ‘consequence of society’ and this is simply because the music I play, make and mainly into are all consequences of the society I’ve been brought up in. The label is no different. It’s a platform for me to release my own stuff whenever I want and not have to be a certain ‘sound’ to fit someone’s vision. In time I will be looking to release other peoples music too, but at first it will all be my own. 

Have you got a specific direction for the creative elements, like artwork? 

The artwork I wanted it to be bold and clean and use the same logo/font as my ‘Cristoph’ logos. The reason for this is to keep everything easily recognisable and easy to associate it all together. I’ve always believed this is the best way for me to build my brand. 

Will we be seeing vinyl releases and merch in the future?

They are both things that have been discussed. Obviously I’m very new to this so taken advice from all angles. We are looking at Ltd edition merch for each release then maybe vinyl where we put 4/5 releases on each piece. 

You had a stellar year of releases in 2021, with three huge records on Pryda Presents, as well as wicked remixes on Positiva and Reflekt, but we haven’t had a release this year yet… is the label going to see regular releases from you?

Definitely. The delay in releases this year was simply down to the length of time it’s taken to decide on certain things for the label and getting it set up. I want to be involved 100% and learn every last thing so this can take a little bit of time. As for the schedule my aim is to release every 6-8 weeks for a good period of time. 

We’re looking forward to hearing the first EP, can you tell us what it is? 

The first release is probably my most sought after track at the moment – ‘Turning Away’ feat. Ross Quinn. We made this really early on during lockdown as it happens our two families know each other from years and years ago so it’s been amazing to put my mam and his auntie back in touch with each other as they hadn’t spoken since they had left school. I’ll be rolling the ‘Club Mix’ our first (this Friday, 22nd July) then with the other mix about 4-5 weeks later I think. 

Quick Fire

What would you be if you weren’t a DJ?
Hopefully would have carried the old family business on owning bars/nightclubs. 

Favourite song at the moment?
WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU (&ME Remix)

Where would your dream set be? 
Sunny day somewhere in Newcastle looking over the Tyne Bridge etc or St. James Park

Digital or vinyl?
Digital for the simple fact I couldn’t be bothered to carry flight cases anymore 

What’s the #1 thing on your DJ rider?
Corona’s and spelling my name correctly haha

Which track by another artist do you wish you made?
Pryda – Mirage

To pre-order the debut release on Consequence of Society, make sure to head here!

Consequence of Society

Words: Eliot Harris

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