Volta; the innovative platform which enables DJs to enhance live performances with immersive 3D visuals

The company plans to develop the next generation of audience interaction and co-creation

Throughout 2022 Volta; the free, self service XR creation platform has been receiving financial boosts from industry names as they begin to make their mark on the global entertainment industry. The forward-thinking technology has earned the title of TIME Magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2021’ and has seen funding from heavyweights like Deadmau5, Richie Hawtin and now Innovate UK.

So what exactly is it? In a nut shell, Volta enables artists to design their own mixed-reality environments for streaming on services like Twitch or within a VR platform. Creating a more immersive and interactive visual experience for audiences, the service can be used by DJs, producers, artists and creators by syncing with software like Rekordbox, Ableton & Traktor.

The innovative technology can also be used to enhance live performances and recently featured at the UK’s biggest festival; Glastonbury. Sets from the likes of Bonobo, Jamie Jones, TSHA, Grove and Fumez The Engineer were all heightened by automated 3D visual effects in real time sync with the music. Check out the highlights video below showing Volta’s hypnotic visuals in action.

Volta’s next steps for the technology is to create the ability for audiences to interact in a way that benefits artists of all levels. They’ll also be incorporating gaming mechanics with in-app purchases and remote user interaction for live events. With a focus on building audiences for artists across the spectrum, Volta’s future is looking exciting as they pave the way in audience interaction, bringing fans together with innovative technology that drives user engagement.

Speaking about the latest round of funding, Volta CEO Alex Kane said :

“This money not only gives us Government funding but the opportunity to methodically learn how to translate the best parts of live events into hybridised ones” 

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