Preview: Viper Diva to play back to back London and Glasgow shows this weekend for InterChange

This marks the Scottish and London debut for the French duo

This Weekend, Glasgow-based underground techno promoters InterChange are bringing one of techno’s hottest duos, Viper Diva (Shlømo & Hadone), up and down the UK for back to back shows in London and Glasgow. Taking place on Friday 27th May at revered London venue FOLD, and Saturday 28th May in Glasgow’s hallowed Room 2, these hugely anticipated shows are sure to set London and Glasgow alight with the sound of serious techno.

InterChange at The Rotunda

These back to back weekend shows follow on from InterChange’s last two sold-out events at Room 2 Glasgow this year, where they helmed the debut set for Speedy J’s hard techno alias Public Energy in February and a follow up show with Cassie Raptor in March. With over 20 parties under their belt, and an ethos of high energy, hefty techno, InterChange are quickly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting promoters. Their focus on booking the best international talent at unique venues has helped to weave themselves into the rich and vibrant tapestry that is Glasgow’s music scene.

We love to host parties in unique locations such as the Rotunda and Container studios. But we equally love being in a club environment. We are ecstatic to be making our London debut at FOLD alongside Viper Diva. This is our first venture together as a collective in London. 

InterChange on their ethos

Formerly a printing press, FOLD has risen to become one of the go-to destinations for techno and alternate underground music in England’s capital. Situated in Canning Town, East London, the warehouse-esque venue is one of the most exciting clubs in the UK and has a strict no photos/videos mantra. Party-goers are expected to put their phones away and enjoy the moment, providing a safe environment for all involved and protecting everyone’s privacy. Because of this, little is known about the club, so get yourself down there to experience the mystery-shrouded space.

FOLD is a venue with a solid reputation for having a real inclusive community vibe. We really want to add to this and do the venue and those who frequent it to get away from the stresses of life justice. The no camera policy allows people to be real and express themselves without fear of judgment or consequence which is what Interchange is about. 

We fell in love with the apocalyptic Mad Max vibes of the outside, it has a real rustic feel that is reminiscent of the pilgrimage of an old school rave. Coming from Glasgow draconian licencing regime, the chance to do an event in a club with a 24-hour licence was very appealing. 

InterChange on FOLD
FOLD, London

Situated on Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow’s Room 2 is an underground club and multi-functional venue playing host to a wide range of events. However, it’s at night where this venue becomes a haven for underground and headline talent in Glasgow. With a huge sound system and 500 capacity, expect an intimate, mind-melting performance in here.

Room 2, Glasgow

Playing across both London and Glasgow is one of techno’s most in-demand duos – Viper Diva. Made up of French artists Shlømo and Hadone, they’ve built a name for themselves with their unique, heavy, and relentless techno since their inception in 2020. Individually, Shlømo and Hadone are two of France’s finest techno exports, each with an individual style that sets them apart. Their performances are not only influenced by sounds across the musical spectrum, but their energy behind the decks is something you don’t want to miss.

Expect nothing but big, bold, anthemic techno from these two.

One of the few good things to come out of 2020, since we first heard them, we have been obsessed. Individually Shlømo and Hadone are incredible artists, but together they are unreal and bring something totally different to the table. Their style is hypnotic and puts you into a trance. In our case that trance led us to booking them for their Scottish and London debuts, it’s fair to say we are true Disciples trying to spread the gospel that is their unique sound. Listen to their first EP Born to be Slytherin and let your journey begin. 

InterChange on Viper Diva

Another artist on the London line up is Trudge; the third French techno export to feature on the night. Greatly inspired by the UK scene, his music mixes a wide range of atmospherical and melancholic melodies, often with breakbeat and jungle influences. This also marks Trudge’s first UK performance this year (according to RA), another artist you won’t want to miss.

Trudge LIVE, Toulouse

Brazilian-born, London-based Giselle also features on the London show. Known for her fast, hard-hitting industrial techno sets, laced with hints of acid, trance, and psy-trance, she’ll be stepping up to the plate with an armoury of dance floor ready weapons.

Giselle Guedes at FOLD

InterChange residents BRASS TRAXX (Brendan Campbell) and Mindbreak (Dwayne Gilpin) feature across both the London and Glasgow shows. They’ve been making their mark on the scene, playing internationally, and at venues like Rotunda, Room 2, and Club 69. BRASS TRAXX’s style is a blend between deep and hypnotic grooves with rolling percussive techno, inspired by the iconic Jeff Mills and his concept of addition and subtraction. Mindbreak takes a different approach; playing with control pads, a mixer and Ableton to create layers of sounds and beats, creating new tracks on the fly.

If you’re looking for some of the hardest-hitting techno around then look no further than InterChange’s back to back weekend shows. With InterChange’s first London party landing on the Friday, this is your chance to get in on the action if you’ve not had the opportunity to experience their parties in Glasgow. Being the Scottish and London debut for the inimitable Viper Diva, it’s the perfect time to catch these French techno wizards, especially if you haven’t already. They’ll be sure to put blisters on your feet as they push the musical limits of high-octane rhythms.

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