Music’s top 10 techno tracks

In the build up to festival season, Scotland's in-demand techno sensation tells us his standout tunes

Ahead of his debut performance at Liverpool’s latest electronic music utopia; The One In The Woods, Glasgow’s fast-rising poster boy for techno has told us his top 10 tracks.

Bursting into the limelight in recent years, Scotland-born DJ/producer Fraser Stuart aka is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand names in techno. Forming a cult following stemmed from humble beginnings, his open to close Galvanizer show at SWG3 renowned for its no camera phone policy sold out in less than 24 hours. Alongside a busy touring schedule, the Glasgow-based artist also holds down residencies with Subclub and Terminal V.

After one of the best debut festivals we’ve ever seen, The One In The Woods returns this year, with yet another stellar lineup for what looks set to be one of the must-see events of 2022. If raw, pumping, industrial techno in a hypnotic, illegal-rave aesthetic woodland is your kind of thing, then look no further. Check out our review of their inaugural festival last year here.

With anticipation building for this year’s festival, we caught up with to find out some of his top techno tracks. Check them out below.

1. Fractions – What Doesn’t Kill Me? (POSSESSION
Another bomb from Fractions. Every track sounds fresh and not like the over saturated rave sounds!

2. Ben Klock – Subzero (Ostgut Ton)
This track inspired the raw elements that you hear in my sounds, absolute classic!

3. Analect – Hypnotize 
Love the groove in this, been playing it a lot!

4. DAVE The Drummer – I Seen The Future (Hydraulix) 
Old school beast from Dave, proper!

5. Speedy J – Krekc (Novamute)
This track will never get old. Classic from Speedy.

6. Dax J – Universal Future Sound (Monnom Black)
Stand out track from Dax’s album, so much emotion mixed in amongst driving raw techno!

7. Primal – Access Restrictions (Ground Effect)
Raw energy! Wish Primal still made these sounds, unreal.

8. – No Regards For Humanity (CRISIS OF MAN)
Recent track I released on Crisis Of Man. Banger with some euphoric breaks.

9. BK – Revolution (Neuklez)
This became my go to closing track when I started doing my open to close sets. Always goes off!

10. Narciss – Fragmements Of A Language Of Love (Lobster Theremin) 
Found this track recently and really stood out! 

Catch and many more performing at this year’s The One In The Woods Festival. Grab your ticket here.

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