The Matrix film soundtrack gets collectable vinyl release and remaster

The fourth instalment's soundtrack is also now available and features Marcel Dettmann

With the highly anticipated release of the new blockbuster movie The Matrix Resurrections, it seemed perfect timing for the original trilogy’s 44 tracks to get remastered and pressed for all those diehard Neo fans.

Currently available for pre-order, The Matrix: The Complete Edition, is set to be released on June 3rd 2022 and will also be available in CD format.

Coming packaged in the distinctive Matrix neon green, the collectable item will feature a fold out case which includes an interview with the original composer Don Davis. Titled ‘Making the Matrix’, the interview offers a behind the scenes look at how the American composer pieced together this iconic soundtrack.

Can’t wait until June? Well, there’s more good news for fans of the franchise, as the fourth instalment’s soundtrack was released last week on December 17th. Created by the Oscar nominated pairing of Johnny Kilmek and Tom Tykwer, the musician and composer duo have been working together for almost 25 years.

Complementing the original score of 24 tracks, sees an additional 11 remixes to complete the 35 strong tracklist. The likes of German techno artists Marcel Dettmann, Gudrun Gut and System 01 all feature on the new soundtrack. Check out Dettman’s remix of “My Dream Ended Here” below.

The Matrix Resurrections is set to hit cinemas on December 22nd. Until then you can stream/download The Matrix Resurrections soundtrack here and pre-order the remastered original soundtrack on vinyl here.

The Matrix Original Trilogy Tracklist:

Side A:

  1. Logos / The Matrix Main Title
  2. Trinity Infinity
  3. Neo Con Brio
  4. Follow The White Rabbit
  5. Neo On The Edge
  6. Through The Surveillance Monitor
  7. Unable To Speak
  8. Bait And Switch 

Side B:

  1. Switched For Life
  2. Switched At Birth
  3. Switches Brew
  4. Cold Hearted Switch
  5. Nascent Nauseous Neo
  6. A Morpheus Moment
  7. Bow Whisk Orchestra

Side C:

  1. Domo Showdown
  2. Switch Or Break Show
  3. Shake, Borrow, Switch
  4. Switch Works Her Boa
  5. Bring Me Dinner
  6. The System
  7. Freeze Face
  8. Switch Woks Her Boar
  9. Cypher Cybernetic 
  10. Ignorance Is Bliss / Cyber Cyphernetic
  11. See Who?
  12. Switch Out

Side D:

  1. Boon Spoy
  2. Oracle Cookies
  3. Threat Mix
  4. Exit Mr. Hat
  5. On Your Knees, Switch

Side E:

  1. Mix The Art
  2. Whoa, Switch Broke
  3. The Cure
  4. It’s The Smell
  5. The Lobby
  6. No More Spoons
  7. Dodge This
  8. Fast Learning
  9. Ontological Shock

Side F:

  1. That’s Gonna Hurt
  2. Surprise
  3. He’s The One Alright

The Matrix Resurrections Tracklist:
1. Opening – The Matrix Resurrections
2. Two and the Same
3. Meeting Trinity
4. It’s in My Mind
5. I Fly or I Fall
6. Set and Setting
7. Into the Train
8. Exit the Pod
9. The Dojo
10. Enter IO
11. Inside IO
12. Escape
13. Broadcast Depth
14. Exiles
15. Factory Fight
16. Bullet Time
17. Recruiting
18. Infiltration
19. I Like Tests
20. I Can’t Be Her
21. Simulatte Brawl
22. Swarm
23. Sky Scrape
24. My Dream Ended Here
25. Neo and Trinity Theme (Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer Exomorph Remix)
26. Opening – The Matrix Resurrections (Alessandro Adriani Remix)
27. My Dream Ended Here (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
28. Nosce (Almost Falling Remix)
29. Bullet Time (Moderna Remix)
30. Back to the Matrix (Eclectic Youth Remix)
31. Welcome to the Crib (System 01 Remix)
32. Flowing (Thomas Fehlmann Remix)
33. Temet (Esther Silex & Kotelett Remix)
34. Choice (Psychic Health Remix)
35. Monumental (Gudrun Gut Remix)

Words: Neil Ritchie

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