ARTBAT kickstart their own label Upperground with new single ‘Flame’

After releases on multiple labels, the duo have created a new home for their own music and upcoming artists

At the end of August, six years after their first single launched, dynamic duo ARTBAT will release on their brand new label Upperground. The imprint’s debut track will be called ‘Flame’ and is available to listen to from August 27th (see link below). The duo from Ukraine are known for their progressive style, laced with emotion and hypnotic melodies. Accessible to the masses, yet they continue to surprise us with innovative sounds.

Artbat performing for Cercle

The pair are currently enjoying huge international success, having just completed a US tour, and are on their way to a stint in South American along with festivals across the world. In the chaos of touring, some would say releasing music and starting a label would be a step too far, but after six years, Artur & Batish are ready to help artists get to the Upperground of the music scene.

ARTBAT on UPPERGROUND, “during the pandemic, we had enough time to work on new music and had our heads deep in the studio working on new ideas. Now we feel like we have the right tracks to be presented on our own label. Especially after a worldwide lockdown, we wanted to kick off with something fresh and new, filled with life, colour, spiritual uplift and emotion. Now feels like the exact right time to do so.”

The ethos of the label is very clear; “neither underground nor commercial, but simply a mark of unique, high-quality electronic music known as the ARTBAT sound and accessible to everyone around the world”. The duo are in a unique position, they make music which is widely considered underground, but when you’re spinning in front of a crowd of 10,000+ can you really be classed as underground? So in line with their own new music, ARTBAT will carefully curate a roster of talented new artists and give them a platform to shine around the world. 

‘Flame’ will be a combination of the ARTBAT sound with a new take on trance, something we haven’t seen from the pair yet. Featuring tender vocals, elegant synths and moody drums, this track is definitely going to make you feel some kind of way. What a way to kickstart the new label!


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Words: James Taylor

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