Track Talk : Driving melodic techno from David Lindmer on Running Clouds

"Omen" dropped today on the artist's own imprint

UK born artist David Lindmer returns to his very own Running Clouds imprint this month, featuring his signature melodic sound complimented by the hair-raising vocals of Johanson.

David Lindmer

Founded in 2018, the label has since become a trusted source for many heavyweights in the genre. Previous releases on Running Clouds from David and other artists including the fast-rising producer Massano have been championed by the likes of Tale Of Us and Mind Against.

During the same year that the label was founded, David began to hone his sound. Defined by techno which is rich in melody and cinematic drama, these characteristics are ever apparent in the discography which has followed. His latest release “Omen” was written during lockdown in collaboration with Berlin based vocalist Johanson.

Review :

The 1-track release packs more than enough punch to tickle our musical taste buds. Oozing with elements that both David and Running Clouds have become known for, we’re quickly transported into a melancholic underworld.

Driving kicks, emotive synths and a spell-binding arp fill the early stages of the track. As we move into the breakdown, a warming blanket of pads wrap around Johanson’s evocative vocals, drawing us in to the crescendo with a powerful bassline and stripped-back percussion.

Speaking about how he approached the release, David Lindmer said:

“I wrote ‘Omen’ at the very start of the pandemic. Being able to create and make music during those times was such a saviour for me in many ways, which makes this track particularly special. Johanson was a pleasure to work with throughout the creative process, he was introduced to me by my friend Mark Tormonea and we instantly clicked. His voice has this haunting emotive quality which I instantly fell in love with and worked perfectly with what I had written.

I really like to pour my entire self into every release. It’s exciting and feels like the most important thing that I do. I am used to making club bangers, and ‘Omen’ is a much more emotional piece. I wanted it to feel like a self-contained moment within this whole lockdown, and for me that is how it feels. This is what keeps me going back to the studio again and again, the idea that a track can capture a moment in time and live long beyond me.” 

Listen to “Omen below, or buy/stream here.

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