Jamie Jones, The Blessed Madonna, Adam Beyer, and more announced for Amnesia’s closing party in October

The epic 18hr party will round off the season on the White Isle

With a season in Ibiza looking more likely, Amnesia have announced their monster closing party for 2021. On October 23rd Amnesia will be filling the dance floor for 18 hours of heavy hitting anthems to close off what is expected to be a summer to remember. This sure-to-be legendary closing party opens at 4pm and runs till 12pm the next day with four rooms of carefully curated music.

Amnesia have separated their sets so you can be sure to see the sun set in the iconic Terraza, and party until the sun comes up. The event will be a must-visit for any Ibiza jet setter this summer. For the first part of the event, 6pm until midnight, there will be daytime party vibes with food on offer to ensure a different sort of occasion. When it comes to the music, it will be a trip down memory lane with Amnesia classics from the original Balearic pioneer Alfredo joined by Jeremy Healy, Alex P and Jason Bye.

Once the sun has set, the party ramps up and the day party turns into a classic Ibiza night. The music will then also take on its late night character, from midnight to midday the Terraza will bounce to the sounds of new resident Jamie Jones and The Blessed Madonna. These are two of the most pivotal and influential DJs in the scene who will know exactly how to work the crowd into a frenzy. They will be joined by firm Amnesia favourites Richy Ahmed, Cuartero, Mar-T & Caal, Sidney Charles & Seb Zito and Luca Donzelli.

The Terraza will be joined by the always brilliantly dark and intense Club. This will be the place for powerful techno from titans of the scene. Drumcode’s Adam Beyer, plus Deborah De Luca, Marco Farone, Andres Campo and Les Schmitz all play.

On paper this event is mouth-watering, with techno and house going hand in hand for a night on the club’s vast and iconic dance floor, beneath cutting-edge production, huge ice cannons and audio-visual displays that are on another level to any other experience. Of the 4 rooms, one of those is the all-new 3-D space which will have its own special vibe thanks to classy house, techno, electro and plenty in between from cultured selectors Jayda G, Young Marco and John Woods.

As with every summer, Amnesia continues to work backward from the end of the season with their epic announcements. As restrictions are lifted and the global Covid-19 situation in Ibiza becomes clearer, Amnesia will continue to announce their events in reverse order so that you have plenty of positivity and good news to keep you going until the big return to the dance floor.

Link to presale here!

Tickets are guaranteed to be fully refunded in the event of any Covid related cancellation or postponement. 

Terraza 1800-0000 – Day Time

Alfredo, Jeremy Healy, Alex P, Jason Bye

Terraza 0000-1200 – Night Time

Jamie Jones, The Blessed Madonna,  Rich Ahmed, Cuartero, Mar-T & Caal, Sidney Charles & Seb Zito and Luca Donzelli. 

3rd Dimension – 1800 – 0000 – Day Time

Jayda G, Young Marco, John Woods

Club – 0000-1200 – Night Time

Adam Beyer, Deborah De Luca, Marco Faraone, Andres Campo, Les Schmitz

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