Track Talk: Pan-Pot & Matrixxman remix Wigbert’s heavy-hitting LP on Second State

Wigbert also tells us how he approached the release

German DJ and producer Wigbert has been honing his craft since the early 2000s when he first decided to jump in the studio. Because of his perpetual support from Dubfire and Wigbert’s affiliation with Sci+Tec, he has been able to remix for heavyweight artists like Pan-Pot and Gregor Tresher, as well as releasing records on seminal labels like Second State, MOOD, Deeperfect, and loads more.

Earlier this year, his debut LP for Second State was released with a brand new remix pack dropping today featuring some of the label’s most revered artists. Matrixxman, Mørbeck, Jeroen Search, Anthony Linell and Pan-Pot themselves share their interpretations of his work in the ‘Distorted Matter Remixes’ EP.


Opening up the EP is Mørbeck’s high energy remix of ‘Reflection’. Piercing drums, and a gritty acid line send the record into overdrive, while the breakdown offers a brief moment of relief before dropping straight back into the carnage.

Matrixxman’s Labyrinth remix of ‘Reflection’ offers an alternative approach, as he strips back the track with emphatic fashion. Crisp kicks and percussion push the track forward as tweeting and glitching modular synths fill the space – a real minimal techno roller.

Last up on the A-side with their edit of ‘Xcelerator’ are Pan-Pot – Second State label head honchos. Booming kicks, typical of their style, send frequencies straight into your soul, as a glitched out distorted vocal calling out ‘Xcelerator’ reverberates around the room. Huge electro synths take this track to the next level, you won’t be leaving the dancefloor when this drops.

Jeroen Search opens up the B side with his interpretation of ‘Focus’: a percussive groover littered with melancholy synths. White noise and effects build the energy, while claps and cymbals snap the tune into rhythm in typical 909 style.

Last up on the B side is Anthony Linell’s Sunday Adventure Club (S.A.C.) remix of ‘Reflection’. Anthony takes a different approach to the rest of the EP, while still making sure the low end thumps. Uplifting synths and a warping bassline adds a wave of energy to the slower-BPM record.

Speaking about how he approached the EP, Wigbert said:

I got the idea of the track “Reflection” when I jammed on my Moog One. Immediately when I played the arpeggio patterns, I knew the direction and I had the vision for how it will sound in the end. But I knew that the arrangement and mix down was more complex than the other tracks on the LP.

I recorded different layers of arpeggio melodies and pad sounds and I tried to feel how I can create and build an energetic mood. For me it was important that I have straight and pumping drums, that I don’t lose the energy in the track, which I recorded using the Analog Rytm and a TR-909. All sounds are running through different effect chains, with EQ, Distortion and Delay effects.

So, in the end it took several weeks of different listening and mixdown sessions to finish the track and find the right version. I’m very happy that Reflection is remixed by Anthony Linell and Mørbeck – they both did an amazing interpretation of it. I’m a fan of Anthony Linell’s sound and he gives the track a great hypnotic atmosphere. Møbeck on the other side made a kind of Rave Techno Remix which is straight forward. I love both remixes.


Listen to the snippets below and get your copy of the EP here!

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