Kate Ozz talks breaking through as a female artist, lockdown in the studio and future plans

The Russian-born, Miami-based artist on an upward trajectory

Dubbed the best kept secret of Moscow’s vibrant underground dance scene, Kate Ozz is quickly making a name for herself in the melodic house & techno arena. Championed by the likes of Black Coffee and Solomun, She recently re-located to the bustling Miami club circuit to pursue her career in music.

Continuing to hone her craft in the US, the russian-born artist has worked tirelessly in the studio to perfect her sound. In February, she dropped her debut EP ‘Venus Rising’, quickly followed by a track on Moscoman’s Disco Halal imprint in March and has a pipeline of releases for the rest of 2021. We caught up with Kate to talk about her career in music during lockdown, being a female artist in a male-dominated industry, and plans for the future.

Thanks for speaking to us Kate. How have things been for you musically during lockdown?   

To be honest, I had an incredible year. The lockdown gave me more time being in the studio making music. I was able to focus more on my inner self and find things that inspire me which led to the releases you have heard and will be listening to in the near future. This period turned out to be the most significant and transformational for me.  

Where did it all start for you? Did you have any particular influences or idols who drew you into music?   

I started listening to electronic music more than ten years ago, but I didn’t always “listen”.  I used to travel a lot and music was always in the background, but I really started “paying attention” when I heard the music of Solomun, The Martinez Brothers and Black Coffee. Then five years ago a good friend of mine invited me to Miami and we went to a nightclub “Story” for the first time in my life. The vibe, the energy and the music made me want to create my own music and inspire other people.

Being originally from Russia, what spurred your move to Miami? How do you find the scene differs?  

I love living in the USA as much as in Russia. I love my mother country a lot! I would say I am a citizen of the world, everywhere I go I feel I would stay here. I love different cultures, food, vibes, energy, nature, people these all inspire me as an artist.   

Your recent release ‘Venus Rising’ on Soulfooled is laced with hypnotic synths and infectious melodies. What was your inspiration when piecing together the EP in the studio?  

“Venus Rising” symbolises an exciting start to 2021. The inspiration for the EP came from my heart and my feminine power. Feminine power is focused on feelings and emotions. The power of love, the power of music and the power of Planet “Venus”, which I believe you can feel in my music.   

The lead track from Kate’s ‘Venus Rising’ EP

As a female artist in a male dominated industry, what challenges have you faced during your career?  

 I, myself, have never experienced any discrimination. For me personally music has no gender.  

Are there any tips or guidance you can share for other female musicians looking to breakthrough?    

It may sound like a cliche but you should believe in yourself, your talent and passion and never give up. Be patient as anything is possible. Never stop moving forward and striving for better. Everything happens in its own time, especially in the crazy world we live right now.   

How do you feel about releasing music during lockdown, with no crowds to road test tracks?   

I don’t really think there’s a point to dwelling on it. This past year was like no other we have ever experienced, so many professions were forced to work and create a new one. I chose to believe in my music and do what I love.  

Kate spinning tunes in her Miami livestream

Your latest track ’Second Serve’ dropped via Moscoman’s Disco Halal label on 5th March, featuring a mix from the head honcho himself. How did this release come about?  

Moscoman is my mentor and a dear friend. His music and the vibe of Disco Halal inspired me to create this track and I was lucky to have collaborated with him. The track itself is a reflection of my life as a traveler and woman; A life between continents, trying to get a sense of the local vibes while the inner soul craves its home.   

Kate’s latest release on Disco Halal

Finally, what plans do you have for the rest of the year? Are there any forthcoming music projects you can tell us about? 

Can anyone really make any plans for this year with the pandemic still hovering above us? It’s even harder when you’re a new artist. But in the short term, I’m excited to pick up gigs once the world opens up and work on new productions.   

Hear Kate Ozz in action with a melodic house and techno masterclass on the latest RMR Radio Show below.

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