Nightclubs in UK & Spain to trial events with volunteers

Specialist devices and an 'events research programme' will be used to help re-open clubs

As we move closer to the summer months, countries around the world are testing new Covid-secure systems and protocols to help ensure we can return to some more normality. Clubs in Spain have recently announced a promising development for indoor nightlife; a sector ostracised by the pandemic over the past 12 months. Venues in Barcelona and the Costa Brava are due to run pilot tests on a system which is aimed to prove events can take place safely, and without the need for social distancing or face-coverings.

Primavera Sound ran a successful test event in October 2020 for 1,000 people with no social distancing required

The system will feature prior testing, contact tracing, and non-transferrable QR codes to gain entry. Once inside, specialist devices are installed to eliminate 100% of the Covid-19 virus and its mutations from the air and any surfaces.

These processes are devised by biosafety company SeiXsein Europe, with the help of Liberty Pass APP and can be used around the world at any venue. The elimination devices which are currently utilised by intensive care wards have been approved by the Spanish National Accreditation Entity.

Meanwhile in the UK, trials are due to be carried out in April as part of the government’s road map to re-open the nightlife sector. An ‘events research programme’ will see venues such as nightclubs, theatres and stadiums take part in a series of pilots with the help of volunteers.

Manchester Arena could be one of the pilot venues used

The pilots will be used to help inform parliament of the safety measures required before business can be resumed safely. Verification checks, staggered entry/exits, and ventilation are just some of the areas which will be studied to determine how various tools can reduce the risk of transmission.

Results will be shared before 21st June, with the hope of guiding the way forward for hospitality to re-open safely.

Words: Neil Ritchie

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