A brand new live stream platform dedicated to dance music has been created launched on November 28th

This year has seen a sharp halt of the live music scene as a result of lockdowns throughout 2020. The enforcement of club closures has affected artists and brands across the globe, resulting in many turning to online live streams to help keep the party alive.

Streaming has allowed artists to connect with their fans during these difficult times via platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. However, these sites are not specifically designed for showcasing electronic music performances and many streams are cut off due to licensing issues. Thankfully, live music broadcasters Clubbing TV have devised a solution; a brand new fully licensed streaming platform dedicated to dance music.

Clubbing TV has been available on traditional television in over 50 countries over the last 10 years, broadcasting the very best in dance music from smaller sets in studios and unique locations to the world’s biggest festivals such as Tomorrowland. Their new venture named is a free to view online streaming platform, with other viewing options available to cover costs and pay out royalties.

A preview of the new streaming platform

Built with the artist in mind, is available to performers of all levels, from international stars to bedroom DJs. Alongside music performances the platform will also air interviews and conferences focused on the dance music industry. Hosting a stream is free and viewers can interact by commenting in real time. Streams are also recorded, with the chance of being aired on Clubbing.TV.

The official launch took place on November 28th with an exclusive set from Worakls at the Roman Theatre of Orange in France for Positiv Festival.

Tune in and register to start streaming on their website here.

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