A new type of e-ticket could help save nightlife

Tech company Smeetz have created the Swiss Night Pass

An innovative new digital solution is being used in Switzerland that enables a simpler track and trace system, allowing 75,000 revellers to enjoy nightclubs and live music events more readily. Provided by the tech company Smeetz, their electronic solution called Swiss Night Pass has been in place since May and has meant that many clubs/venues can open in line with the new safety regulations.

The technology is free to download for both venues/events and users, acting as an E-ticket which collates contact details automatically for all attendees in an easy-to-use service. Definitely a breath of fresh air from the hand written, sometimes illegible details being taken in the UK and other countries when you reach a bar/restaurant door.

The digital pass was created following a campaign by Smeetz called Save-The-Night; an initiative launched in response to the closure of clubs earlier in the year. The campaign’s aim was to bring together people within the nightlife community to support artists, clubs and festivals. This led to donations and support by giving greater visibility of those affected.

Chief operating officer of Smeetz Loris Savary was keen to support the industry during the current crisis :

“The synergy between the institutions and convenience for the clubbers to use one single pass for every institution they visit made our project the most successful of its kind. We are also convinced that this crisis finally accelerated the needed digitalisation of the industry, Smeetz is the perfect tool to facilitate digitalisation which will be beneficial for everyone”.

The tool has been used by over 70 venues/events in Switzerland, with many stating they would have struggled to operate in line with traceability measures without the digital solution. Smeetz CEO Loris Savary has added that the Swiss Night Pass can also reduce the cost of workforce needed to carry out track & trace, and increase profits by enhancing the gathering of vital data.

Unfortunately this good news has recently been met with a spike of Coronarivus cases in Europe, and in the last week the area of Gent has shut down its nightclub economy. This is a common theme around the globe, with the UK now enforcing by law that social groups can be no larger than 6 as of September 14th.

However, the introduction of these track & trace technologies and advancements will no doubt make the road to recovery safer and more efficient, meaning we can hopefully get back to raving a bit quicker!

Words: Neil Ritchie

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