Matthias Tanzmann Announces new album ‘Round and Round’

Mihalis Safras, Steve Bug & Mathias Kaden have been announced as official features

Maintaining a consistent level within the elite artists the world has to offer is far from easy, yet Matthias Tanzmann has proven once again he has the ability to keep one step ahead of the game. He’s back with a new cutting edge album that will break the traditional model. 

‘Round and Round’, due on Matthias’ very own heavyweight imprint ‘Moon Harbour’, will come out track by track over the course of autumn and winter 2019, rather than one mass injection of music. Already confirmed to feature are Mihalis Safras, Steve Bug & Mathias Kaden – soon followed by another three tracks!


Already released are ‘Induction’ with Daniel Stefanik, ‘Atacama’ by Matthias Tanzmann and ‘Dizzy’ with Mathias Kaden which was the latest track out on the 25th of October. Next in the schedule is a huge track by Mihalis safaris called ‘Believe’ which is to be released on the 1st of November, a driving bassline layered with complimentary percussion – we’re certain this will be controlling dance floors of the underground circuit this winter.

Later on in November the album will be joined by Black Circle who’s bought together a progressive and deep outlook on his music with ‘Awakening’ out on 15th November and finally ‘Continue To Love’ with Steve Bug that will sign off November 21st.

‘Round and Round’ comes three years after ‘Momentum’, Tanzmann’s last album and one that provided a snapshot of the deeper sounds he was enjoying at the time. This third full length LP is a more widescreen overview of his entire career and comes just after he was nominated, for the sixth time, as the Best Tech House DJ in the annual Ibiza DJ Awards. 

This is an autobiographical album informed by another busy year of gigs at major festivals around the world, his famous Circoloco residency at DC10 and further Ibiza gigs at the islands most popular parties such as ANTS, Elrow and Music On. September also saw the release of the Better Lost Than Stupid album ‘Wild Slide’, a collaborative work with pals Davide Squillace and Martin Buttrich which again demonstrates that even after decades in the game, Tanzmann is still very much at the forefront of the global underground scene.

Listen to snippets of the new album here.

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