Honey Dijon, Midland and Shanti Celeste billed for Wigflex City Festival

The festival will also host a number of workshops and panel discussions

The event known for curating innovative parties during it’s prosperous 12 year history is launching a Nottingham based festival next year. Taking over multiple venues within the city, the lineup will feature a cocktail of Wigflex regulars and debutants.

Honey Dijon, Gilles Peterson, Midland, Shanti Celeste and Avalon Emerson are set to feature, along with a special b2b from DJ Stingray & Mumdance and a live performance from James Holden & The Animal Spirits, which is self-described to be a “folk-trance” trip experience – interesting!

With a strong focus and driver for the festival also being centred around arts and well-being, Wigflex will host a free daytime programme. Open to families and children, the daytime proceedings will offer panelled discussions, workshops, art installations and local projects collaborated with a number of charities.

Party founder Lukas Wigflex says :

“Coming from a city like Nottingham where creativity is rife but recognition doesn’t necessarily follow suit, we want to shine a light on our creative community and give it the attention it deserves.

We’ve always been lucky enough to draw in crowds who bring this really special energy to our parties because eccentricity and creativeness is just in the air up here – but now we want to share that with everyone.

More info and tickets available here

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